Make a button to switch between desktop and mobile views.

Rick Love 7 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Boo L. 3 jaar geleden 10

The mobile site does not show the goals. This makes the site little more than a todo list.

Make a button to change between desktop and mobile layout.


Do you want to switch to mobile layout from desktop? Or do you want to have access to desktop version from mobile?

I want to access the desktop (goals) on my iPhone or kindle fire.

Oh I see. In the process of improving the mobile version, I will add the goals in there, hopefully within the next few months.

For now, could you just put a button to switch todesktop view?
For now, could you just put a button to switch to desktop view?
As a PRO user, I would like to see the planner on my mobile device, so I can easily check/add to/complete my goals of the week and the daily schedule. Currently it tries to display the same as the desktop browser, resulting in seeing a small part of the planner (The upper part of the first two days).
Under review
What mobile device do you use? It should display the information in a mobile friendly way...
Would you be able to take a screenshot of how weekplan looks on your phone? It will help me understand what is happening...
Nokia Lumia 930 with the built-in IE (windows phone). I will double check on my Android device too and post a bit later how it looks there.