Weekplan Not Working Properly

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago 12

Hi Aymeric,


Greetings. Since yesterday (Thursday February 16), Weekplan has not been working properly. When I write a task in the task bar and press Enter, the task does not move. It does not go down to join the rest in the scheduled day. Now (Friday February 17), it is still not working. Could you please advise? I continue to enjoy weekplan,


Thank you, Judy



Hi Judy, it should be fixed now. Sorry about that. 
Hi Aymeric, I am adding to my recent entry. This is Saturday (February 18). All of Friday I could not use Weekplan. It just is not working. You have not yet responded to my Thursday entry. Could you please advise whether you are aware of the problem and are fixing it? Thank you, Judy
Hi Judy, I am sorry for the late reply. I went camping this weekend. 

What internet browser are you using? I will do some tests on my end to try to understand why it wouldn't work for you.
Hi Judy, it should be fixed now. Sorry about that. 
Hi Aymeric, It's now Sunday evening, nearly 6 pm. This morning early I saw that Weekplan was working, but I was off to church and did not have time to reply. I am using Internet Explorer 8. Now however, I come home and the site is a total mess. Everything is linear instead of the days of the week spread out as before. And very confusing. I can't believe you did this on purpose. There must be something wrong. Could you please check it and fix it for me, back to how it was? Thanks, Judy

Hi Aymeric, Yes. Now it's worse than before because the whole page is skewed up. Nothing is where it should be. It's all out of alignment and is totally linear. All the top menu is off to the side under one another, all the days are ontop of one another. I hope that you can see it as it is. Today is Monday February 20, and I just logged in to work with it, but can't. Thank you, Judy

How about now? :) Sorry for the back and forth but I couldn't reproduce the issue. Now I can and I think I have fixed your issue.
Hi Aymeric, I'm sorry for the trouble we're having. However, it is still the same, and today is Tuesday February 21, 9:30 am. Hopefully, you will find the answer. Thanks again, Judy
I am sorry you have to go through this Judy. Hopefully, this change I have made will fix the issue. Could you let me know if WeekPlan works now?
Aymeric, It's still Tuesday, but it's evening, 6:21 pm. This time the screen is totally blank, except for the two arrows pointing to the previous and next weeks. Everything has disappeared. Strange, eh? Well, the answer is still out there for you to discover. Thanks for the hard work, Judy
Ah ah! I got one step closer then :) I found the issue but I can't fix it now. I will publish the fix for your issue in about 8 hours. Sorry for the delay (I am at work).
Hi Aymeric, Hallelujah! You did it! Everything seems fine now. I hope that this season is over, and it's all forward march. Thanks again. I truly love and appreciate Weekplan. Please don't make any drastic changes. It really haas some great features. Hope the news spreads about Weekplan. Judy
Hallelujah! Thanks for your patience Judy :)