More reasonable pricing please?

Martin Kiš 7 years ago updated by eeleenchong 2 years ago 13

Hi, looks like i am some greedy troll that keeps returning here only to complain about something, but seriously (without mentiontioning how i love working in weekplan) 96$ a year for going pro? Where does this price came from? One of the leading online todolists (www.todoist.com) goes for 29$ a year (!) with all the support, apps, api, extensions.. They charge for very few funcions that i dont even, almost everything at core of app is free to attract more users. I went pro on todoist without blinking eye, because of its pricing strategy, it was not that much money to lose for me, and for them they will certainly attract at least three times more people to pay. Maybe you could do the same, or get some advice from guys from some pricing agency (for example http://www.pricewise.sk/)  I think this prices are more harmful than useful to future of your app. My question: do you consider to provide more function free in future (more lists in someday view) or do you plan to set up more affordable pro plan (for me its benchmark todoist pricing) Thanks a lot for developing this app 


Hi Martin,

Finding the right price is hard and will never be right for everyone.

But I agree with you that the current pricing might be overpriced for the premium feature set currently. The idea was to start selling the whole WEEK PLAN to new users, not just the premium features, and the pricing would make more sense. 

I am currently testing the pricing to find the sweet spot, I will probably run a Christmas discount to see if people react positively to lower price.

Thank you for your feedback.


Thanks for answer. Maybe you should start testing on very low prices and after attracting bigger user base start increasing the price (not other way) For me it goes like this: i dont really think about investements under 10 € (sometimes that are really compulsive shopping for apps i dont really use after some time) My bigger investemenets goes to apps like Klok, Workflowy and Todoist, from which the biggest price line was 39 € for year. But it is hard to say what will be best price settings for you. I know that bargain prices couldnt earn you lot of money if you have smaller user base, but again your goal might be to encrease pro user base and you could earn even more money with this strategy. Hard to say. You see the real numbers. Good luck. 


  1. I'm not sure how marketing consultants would respond, but as a user, I'm VERY suspicious when there is NOT a "Pricing" link in the top right of your  www.weekplan.net main page, and or a link somewhere saying "Compare Plans".
  2. Finding the "price point" is both important and challenging. The response by Martin Kiš captures my sentiments. My "use case" might move from a free plan to a $2.50/month single feature option. You could incentivize me to become a regular subscriber by offering a "deal" after 6 months (see #4 below).
  3. I do like what seems to be your evolution to a graduated pricing model - I'd pay for various combinations of features. In the past, it has taken me 4-6 MONTHS to decide whether I've incorporated a tool into my routine. I've been burned at $20/month twice - in those cases, there was a grant or contract where I wanted my project team to participate in a collaborative workspace. I signed up for a plan when I had the funds, then Wrike, Ning, and maybe Intervals got $80-$120 before I decided to not adopt the solution - however, they lost a client for life because i felt exploited. Not sure how you might handle that one!
  4. I wonder if you might "nudge" me along with an email that included a summary of my use of the tool - it would compare 3 months of my behavior against your "logic model". That would be targeted feedback about how to incrementally implement changes in my routine. 
  5. Your product is truly a human-machine interface. That means you have to get into the realm of tools which help and sustain learning and focus. You have a potential market in young adults who still believe they can "try harder to fit everything in" and those of us later in life trying to prune and achieve focus in a confusing world - good luck (I mean it seriously).
  6. Increasingly, the on-line world of work encourages distraction and a focus on short term goals. That's where David Allen, Covey, and others before and after add value. The software is hard, but easier than the "people-ware" of behavior change. Solutions lie in positivist psychology, Maslow, Parker Palmer, Zen, Carmelites, Sufi, and many other mystical traditions. I found the books by Chip and Dan Heath very readable analyses - How We Decide and Switch. They help elucidate the complex adaptations between the Limbic System and Cortex. Your tools might provide the "pivot" or "hinge" in the scissors model referred to in one of those books - I think in How we Decide.
  7. I'm glad to brainstorm about this if you want, but have gotten distracted from planning my day as I compile this email..... I'm a former country doctor, deputy local health officer, and Hopkins faculty member with an interest in "helping people and communities shape the context within which they can be safe and healthy. Henry Taylor MD MPH Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Hello! I know this is an old thread but I wanted to chip in on this topic. I love using Week Plan, it's the best system I've come across to date for managing my tasks and I really appreciate the regular updates to both the web and iPhone versions. It's fantastic how much is available for free and I would love to support it by upgrading to get access to some additional features (particularly reoccurring tasks) but I can't justify $7/month for personal use. I pay $25 a year for Flickr Pro and until I found Week Plan I paid $25 a year for Remember The Milk - that's about where my budget sits. Fingers crossed for another sale like the one you've mentioned in some other posts, or a Home Use pricing tier in the future!
I wanted to chime in on pricing. This is no doubt a great product. And in a world where there wasn't competition, I'd easily shell out the $84 annual fee with the benefits I get from it.

But as you know, there's stiff competition out there with productivity apps. I have an Evernote subscription purchased at a discount for around $30 (Canadian! So $24) for the year. My intention was to use it for digital storage only, but I reluctantly made the decision to use it for task management as well.

I just can't justify spending four times the cost for weekplan. I'm crying on the inside, I love the tool!
Under review
We are going to introduce a cheaper plan that will allow you to pick three premium features.

That's great to hear. Unfortunately by now I have moved on to Trello, but I wish you continued success with Weekplan!

I'm grateful for the cheaper plan. I was finally able to invest. I would go Full pro if it wasn't in just a one time sum, if It was monthly I could have done it, but I have to go with the cheaper option. *le sigh* This poor white girl just doesn't have that much in her account at one time. Thank you Aymeric for at least making a good compromise. *Hugs*

Hi all, I have introduced a new more affordable premium plan that allows you to pick three premium features out of the old PRO plan (now called ULTIMATE)

hi all,

I know this is an old thread, but I'm one of the happy users of Weekplan free and would really like to see the intermediate plan between the free and the ultimate.  Have been waiting for this for more than a month now...any news please?

It is in testing. Will come this week or next week.

thanks Aymeric!!  really excited to sign up