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I ran into this app after I was SO frustrated with so many other apps, at this point I was just using a white board to write all my tasks down and the rest of the time I'd just bang my head against the wall.

The reason why I found this app and thought, 'well, this is great', is because of its' ability to set up your schedule for the week, just like in a paper planner and most importantly the ability to set an HOUR AMOUNT for an assigned task. Seeing the hour amount had me assume that WeekPlan would already have the following feature, which I believe is not just a feature but also a way of living (I have also read the 7 Habits book, and others..), 

The feature would be to have the ability to LIMIT work hours.

I live by the virtue of work hours vs personal hours, my work hours should not, be default, interfere with my personal hours at home with my family. It would be phenomenal to have the ability to set a default 'Work Schedule'. Say, you have the option to set SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU to 9-5 and then FRI to 9-3 and then SAT, SUN to NO WORK. This would give you the ability to:

A) Run your life based on what you WANT to do as opposed to what you MUST do, for example capping your work hours to say 40 hours per week and allowing yourself more personal time. 

B) To allow you to be REALISTIC about how many hours of work you have available for this week, meaning, if 40 hours is the cap for my work week, and I already have 40 hours of work assigned for the week, then I will know for example: to say 'NO' to any new clients/jobs for the week, to give more accurate ETAs to clients etc.

C) To allow me to DEFER/DELEGATE any 'overtime' tasks to an employee. For example, I'm a photographer, I try to edit as much of work as possible but sometimes I cannot get it all done on time, so I need to delegate tasks. If I see that I cannot complete an additional '4 hours of editing' this week, then I need to defer that to my editor.

D) Allow me to AUTO ADJUST any future tasks based on what ended up happening with past tasks, for ex. if I had set 5 hours on Sunday to work on Editing, but I ended up completing it in 4, then setting the task straight should affect the 'bump task' situation, outlined below in note (F)

E) Not directly related to this feature, but it would help to have the ability to drag pending tasks into your calendar, so as to create a future schedule, to set the week up for success.

F) On top of that, within the calendar view, you can be allowed to drag a 'work day' container to expand or to minimize the hours for the day, with the option of 'bumping' the 'overtime' tasks to the next day and 1) expanding the next day to suit or 2) bumping all future tasks to suit (which within that option, you can allow tasks to be 'locked' to their assigned day or hour, so that they don't get bumped, for ex. if I have a task that must be done Monday and I lock the task but I need to minimize my Sunday workhours, then the 'overtime' tasks from Sunday should not bump my locked Monday task, but they can bump the other 'unlocked' tasks')

I've actually drawn out this feature on paper, before I even found this app, please take a look and consider the option, I think it would GREATLY improve the app's effectiveness.

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We have the idea of an "Ideal Week". Instead of having work vs personal, you would be able to set ideal time windows for each role. More and more people seem to be suggesting this feature.