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I would like to be able to snooze tasks from the reminder notification (for example by 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, till the next day, till the next week). Snoozing a task would automatically move its starting time to the calculated later time.

It is extremely useful and convenient when I get a notification for a task, but I cannot start on it for another couple minutes, or hours. The catch would be to be able to handle this via the phone app.

AnyDo does this very nicely but it lacks the planning functionality of WeekPlan.

Android app
  • Ülevaatamisel

Hi Peter, 

Thank you for sharing this idea. I forwarded it to Aymeric - The founder of WeekPlan, to consider it get back to you if we can add it to the backlog list. 

We will get back to you soon on this. 

Thanks & Regards,

WeekPlan Team

Aymeric Founder

Thanks I think it can be useful especially on mobile.