Way to always hide completed tasks

Jacquelyn 5 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Aymeric (Founder) 2 jaar geleden 8
The filter works great for hiding completed tasks, but the filter does not get saved. As a result, we have to re-filter every time we re-open WeekPlan if we don't want the space cluttered with completed tasks. Is it possible to add an option to always hide completed tasks?
Under review
I have made it so that the filtering options are persistent (available in next release)


Thanks for this! I am using the filter to filter out completed tasks, and love this functionality.

However I have one minor issue--when the filter hides completed tasks, they disappear from the time count at the top (i.e. at the top shows 3h out of 3h left, instead of 3h out of 5h total left, counting completed tasks). That makes the progress count less useful...

When will filtering be available on mobile for iOS?

Under review


Thank you for reaching out.

We appreciate the suggestion. However, we do not have information if this will be included on the upcoming update.

Rest assured, II will share this with our independent ios developer to look into.

got it. even putting the completed ones at the bottom would help. when you have amassed a lot of tasks, the old completed ones get in the way of clear prioritization. thanks.


Thank you for sharing another suggestion.

We appreciate your time sending them through. The next update on the ios app is yet to be released, the developer can take a look into this.

Thanks again!