Hallo thare!

yonatan bitan 7 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 11

I just paid for month (with Pay Pel) to get the pro version

and I didn't upgrade, it's really stuck me.

Thanks for hallping me//


Oh really?

Could you please give me your email address (that you use in weekplan)?

Please use the Helpdesk feature on this userecho website to send me a private message.



My email address is  ******@gmail.com

And new thing just hapened, I can log in and even add list Wich belong to the Pro version,

But besides that I can't do anything else in my Week plan.

Thank you for tour time,



Your account should now work, I deployed a new version yesterday and there was a little glitch.

It should work now.

Hallo Aymeric,

You'r right it's work!

Unfortunately I have two more problems..

1. my mission statement can'ot be saved, Every time I wrote this and log out It's disappear.

2. PayPal sent me a double bill for 90$, when I only meant to paid 20$ per month..



Ok, I will look the double transaction and refund you. Can you send me your paypal address using the helpdesk feature of this UserEcho website? 

Thank you.

Actually I have got it but I only see one transaction from you. Did you contact Paypal already?

No, I didn't.

And what about that the amount of the payment now is 90$

When I actually order  and agree  to paid 20$ per month..

Thank's a lot.


Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier! I lost your message (it was marked as read in my inbox).

Anyway, is it possible that you may have clicked the wrong button when subscribing to the Pro plan? If you want to be charged only monthly, you should cancel you subscription and select the correct subscription (the first one on the left in the PRO page).


I just got mail from paypal that said they had charge me for 20$ but the massage didn't give me a credit for the 90$ yet..

and I have to ask you again about my old problem..

my mission statement can'ot be saved, Every time I wrote this and log out It's disappear.

It's happend every time that I wrote more than a few sentences..

Thanks a lot!

I think I know what is going on. I will try to fix it tonight.