Can't find week view since update

indychris70 8 months ago updated by Geeta 8 months ago 7

This morning I had a popup saying there was an update and the controls that were on the top of the screen have moved to the left side. I can't figure out how to display the week view. I'm on Chrome, and when the url is https://next.weekplan.net/#/team/######/schedule (team ID redacted) the page is completely blank except for the controls on the left of the screen. The controls I see are: Add Task, Planner, Inbox, Boards, High Impact Tasks, Objectives, Vision, Journal, <team selector>, Filters, Search, <user profile/settings>. I've clicked all of these and can't figure it out. How do I get the week view to display?

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Sorry for the confusion. You can find the option to switch  week view in the top right corner as shown in the screenshot:

Let me know if you are not seeing this. 


No, I was not seeing that. The page was completely blank except the left sidebar. It just occurred to me to clear my cache, and that did resolve the issue. I'll go ahead and post my screenshot in case anyone else has the same issue, but my issue is resolved.

I am seeing a blank page as well. Please let me know if you need more information to investigate and resolve this.

Can you please clear browser cache and try again? 

Actually, I just cleared my browser cookies, local and session storage which fixed the problem.