Office 365 (Outlook Calendar) integration failed due to policy, please assist.

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Whenever I try to link my weekplan with my outlook calender there is an error which states that a system administrator needs to grant privilages to access my calendar. I called IT support of my company several times and they are unable to assist with this issue. In the screenshot attached you can see the issue at hand. Can any of you guys assist with some more details on what kind of actions my IT support would need to take to make the integration work? What kind of settings they would need to adjust? 



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This is a reply by someone who is affiliated with the department responsible for granting access. Its quite restrictive. Do you guys have any experience with this kind of problem and approach? Does it happen frequently that organizations require GDPR approval to work with your service?

"Unfortunately we will not be able to grant access to this product. You would first need to get a contract in place with the company selling this software, and as part of that, do the necessary business and privacy impact assessments. If all of that is considered to be OK, you will need to get approval from our compliance manager before we can even think about allowing this."