I have just had £156 USD come out of my account from Wise Labs!? Is this anything to do with weekplan?

BradleyD123 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 12
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got my money back.

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What email address have you used in WeekPlan?

We cannot find active Stripe subscription for bradgerry.dev@gmail.com 

maybe it's brad.gerri@gmail.com?

but I'm not on a direct debit with you so I'm not sure why the money has been taken??

Yes - you have active and valid Ultimate subscription for brad.gerri@gmail.com

Your plan is Ultimate and valid till 22 Aug 2020.

You can cancel your subscription if you are not interested in using WeekPlan anymore.

You can cancel your subscription from the account settings page. Please login to WeekPlan and Go to the Account Settings page. You will see the cancel subscription option here. Let me know if you are not seeing the option.

Why do you take money without my consent?

please refund the 156 dollars and cancel the account.

The Weekplan subscription has autorenewed. We will refund you money once you cancel as soon as possible.

Your subscription has been cancelled and last payment had been refunded as you requested.

If you need any further help please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards