It wont copy previous weeks uncompleted goals

Noël Botha 8 år siden opdateret af Grace 5 år siden 11
It wont copy previous weeks uncompleted goals
It still wont copy.. 
Damn :( My apologies, I will look into it tonight (in abotu 8 hours)
Great thanks. I appreciate your speedy response time!!
I tried to reproduce the issue but it works on Chrome and Internet Explorer (7 and 10).
What internet browser are you using? what is your username (send it via private message please)
Hi I use Chrome. How do I send a private message?
Please use the helpdesk feature on this page. (right hand side)

I still cant copy previous weeks uncomplete goals and I have lost data on the "Somedays"

Noel, could you please send me your username (as a private message) so that I can have a look at your account?

Noel, you can only copy the goals from the previous week of the week you are currently viewing.

I noticed you don't have any goals set.

Also I noticed that you don't have the option that automatically moves uncompleted tasks to today enabled.

Maybe that's what you are talking about? http://app.weekplan.net/Week#view=workspace-settings

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