I can't check off tasks, edit them, or assign roles.

LANE 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 11
Just started having this problem today. 
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Hi there, you need to click on the task first to get the buttons to appear...
This does not work for me. I have the free version used on both Chrome and Opera. Clicking on the tasks does not work. The only thing I can do after typing a task is moving it around to another day. I cannot access the check-off option or the edit features. 
Mine is the same, the cursor just shows that I'm able to move the task and I can't click on it/delete it/check it off etc... 
What internet browser are you using?
Same here! Also using Chrome. 

Hello, same problem here using Chrome on a 1366 x 768 screen. Using Chrome on a 1980 x 1080 screen works just fine though.

So I think it's a problem of screen size.

On the 366 x 768 screen, when I click on the task, nothing shows up. Big screw up.
Problem should be fixed now, can someone confirm?
Yes! Works now. Well done Aymeric.