procrastinate "GOALS of the week"

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that's all..
What do you mean? You want the goals to move to the next week automatically?
At the moment you can use the "Copy previous week' uncompleted goals" action in the menu that is hidden next to the "Goals of the Week" label.
thanks a lot¡¡¡
hello Aymeric...
how are you??

sorry, but since a few weeks I can't "Copy previous week' on Goals of the week..

I lost the Goals and I don't know why..
You need to go to the last week where they appear, then go to the week after that, and press "Copy".
Repeat this process until you reach this current week.

hello Aymeric...

sorry but again the same issue..

now I can't find my golas that I left before leaving on vacation..

and making the iteraration of copying is really tedious..

I can't find my information...

We are working on making Goals of the Week just Goals, so you won't need to copy them to new weeks anymore...