Calendar sync doesn't work

piane_ramso 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 15

Recently (on the previous week, I guess) the pushing of tasks to my Outlook calendar stopped working. Tasks from WeekPlan just don't appear in the Outlook calendar.

I tried to disconnect and connect again the calendar, but it didn't help.

Chrome extension

Same for me, I disconnected and reconnect the account but no nothing is pulling or pushing

Under review

Thanks for reporting that - we are checking that problem.

We have just checked Outlook sync and it works normally.

I can confirm, it started working again. But not sure after what and when exactly.

Could you please add some details when you encounter that problem in the future?

Sometimes sync might take more time than usual.

Sure, no problem. 

Yes, probably disconnection and connection of the calendar fixed the issue, but it took some notable time.

Not a bug

Thank you for confirming us. We are looking into it and hopefully will get some workaround it. 

It doesn't work again: nothing is pushed to the Outlook calendar.


We are working on improving Outlook/Google Sync but it might take about one month to introduce some significant improvements

As for me the feature of calendar sync is one of the most crucial ones, and it must be handled in much shorter period of time...


It's not working for me again either and I also think this is one of the most crucial features of your product!


Hi, we are currently working on improving calendar sync experience - improved sync logic should be released at the beginning of the new year.

Hi there,

This is a huge challenge for me and it is impeding my business. Can you please put something in place for the interim? If not, I need to consider another option immediately.

Thank you!


Could you please explain what exactly is not working for you? Pull or push synchronization? Outlook or Google?

Providing that details would speed up resolution of that problem.

For me push (I don't use pull) doesn't work for Outlook.