Zapier - send tasks from gmail with subtasks

Pau Valdés 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 12
Dear Aymeric,

Is it possible to import a task who includes subtasks directly from  Gmail?
All the subtasks would be in the body.

Dear Aymeric,

The zap between gmail and Trello allows the next:
It would be great for our company to have the same from gmail to Weekplan.

We are trying to sync all the task projects of our organization, from google docs to gmail (done), and then from gmail to Weekplan. The only thing left we need to have this done is to have this functionality.

Our tech person and I we already have a pro licence, we are testing your tool, but once we have this done we will buy 4 more weekplan licences, and we have great plans for growing! 

As it is possible to do this from gmail to trello, I tried this, and then I explored the possibility to zap from trello to weekplan, but there is not the possibility from weekplan either (and besides, too much zaps!!!).

It would be great to have this, it would change our day by day so much. Every week, every person of our company recieves automatically dozens of tasks from spreadsheet (we use spreadsheets as a project management tool) to gmail, which is kind of difficult to manage without a tool like yours!

Thank you very much!

Under review
Hi Pau, I will look for a solution where you don't need Zapier for it.

I am considering doing the following:

- I give you one email address per workspace to send your emails to. example: workspace+10809@weekplan.net
- You send the email using the subject as the text of the task, the body as the notes, and if inside the body the system finds lines that starts with [ ] it will consider it a subtask. Example:

To: workspace+10809@weekplan.net
Subject: Rule the world

This is an important step to make it a better place.

[ ] Earn enough money to build an army
[ ] Build an army
[ ] Rule the world

Would that work for you?
Wow Aymeric, this would be absolutely awsome! It would solve us many steps and headaches!
In the future it would be a great way to control the rest of the properties of the task!
Thank you for being so agile!
Just letting you know that the feature is now live. 

I would be interested in talking to you over Skype to discuss how you use weekplan with your team. I would like to make this experience as awesome as possible. Would you be available for a chat? If yes, please send me your Skype username via email at chat+with+pau@weekplan.net

That's i s great Aymeric Thank you very much for being so much agile :-)

Where can I get the email adress where we can send the tasks?
Or should we still use Zapier

Thank you very much
You can find the email address here: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=WorkspaceSettings
Great Aymeric! Thank you very much for implementing it! :-)
However, I tried to send a task with subtasks, using the [] symbol, and it didn't work. They all went into the notes section. 
I sent the email to the email address you pointed, todo+<workspace_id>@hello.weekplan.net, that I've found in my settings tab. The subject corresponds to the task name, but the body with the tags [] go into the notes section. 
I am doing something wrong?
Thank you!
Sorry Marina, there was a bug. I have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!
Great! Now it works! Tanks! :-)
Hi Aymeric,

He have started trying the new feature. It's great to have it! thank you :)

We have detected two bugs:

1. the subtasks are kepping the  []
2. when I send this body:
prova nota
[] Su 20 - ME - Ask for Lead Nurturing Emails to the JOURNALIST
[] Su 20 - JOURNALIST - Has he/she write the lead nurturing emails?
[] Tu 22 - ME - Set-up the workflow

The second subtask apears:


Just wanted to let you know guys that we are currently working on fixing the issues Pau reported when there are links in the subtasks list. The fix should come this week.