Projected Total Time Required per Day

Sean Richey 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 15
This would be a great tool to assist with planning out each day.  In my opinion, it is the one thing that your biggest competitor (Nozbe) does well.  This would be a huge addition that would come with much praise!  I love what you're doing, keep it up!  Been looking a long time for something put together like this.
Want to clarify some specifics from my suggestion above: This could be done having the ability to assign a projected amount of time to each task (if desired) and then those totals being displayed at the bottom of each day, or maybe just in the daily agenda.  Doing this would give your competition no way to compete with you!  Well, that is after you're mobile apps are launched...  Although I'm completely fine with the web apps.  You're awesome Aymeric!
Thank you Sean for this great idea, I had the same exactly idea to share it today and I found you.
It would be great to have the total time required in the PENDING tab as well. :-)
Hi Sean, thanks for reporting this idea. Seems like 6 people have already voted this feature up. 

Could you tell me more in details how you would use this information (it will help me understand better how to implement it)? What kind of insights would it give you?
Hi Aymeric,
What we miss and it would be great to have is the next:
-A way to add forcasted time for a task
-everday of the week would show the load time depending on the tasks added
-The same thing would be great to have in the pending column - just to show how much time you need to solve all the reamining tasks.


This is great that folks are voting for this!  Pau's got it right...  The way you would use this is in the planning stage of your week.  Each task would have (the option) for a projected time to be assigned to it on the task edit page.  Then as your planning out your week or day you could have a total projected time displayed for that day as you drop new tasks on the day.

I would use this feature to keep me from assigning to many tasks into one day or week and then getting disappointed when I cant complete everything I had laid in for that day, which I am famous for doing.  For example, this feature would allow me to see that I already have a projected, 9:45 (or 9hrs 45mins) of tasks assigned to today, which would tell me to start putting additional tasks on to later days in the week.

I truly believe this addition will be a hit!  It would also allow for future additions to include tracking of productivity.  You could have tracking of how many mins/hours of tasks you were able to complete each day/week.  No matter what, Weekplan is great!  Keep surprising us Aymeric.

I am currently on how to best show the actual/estimated time for each list.
I don't want to make the user interface overly complex for people who don't use this feature. 

I think I will show the total only if there are tasks with actual/estimated time against them. This way, the user interface will look the same as it is now for most people
You have asked, I executed :)
(will be available in the next deployment)


Awesome Aymeric!!!  It's perfect, I cant wait to put it to use!  I will definitely be signing up (EMAIL REDACTED BY ADMIN) for the long haul with Weekplan.  When do you think you will turn it loose to the world?
This week normally.

I am waiting on getting this code change reviewed by someone else before I deploy it. 
Thank you so much Aymeric, I have just realized you implemeted it. It looks great, I'll start to test it.
AWESOME!!!!  Thank you so much Aymeric.  My dream planning system has now come to life!!!  Weekplan will now be unstoppable.

Sean Richey 
I am glad it is working for you :)