Refund for disabled Google access

Jackson Foo 5 months ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 months ago 7

I agree with other commenters that we should receive refunds for the amount of time that users have not been able to access the Pro features of the app (for me it's the GCal integration) and for those who haven't been able to access the app at all!

I have never seen a company respond so poorly with a "well we already did what we can" attitude. Just pitiful. I was told the issue will take a few days but just saw another response where it says 4-6 weeks. How come no other apps are having this problem?

Is there something inherently suspicious about the way that Week Plan conduct its business??

Web app

Hi, we can offer 10% discount as Google Calendar for the time when that feature is broken as not only one premium feature which we are offering.

We are really sorry for that situation but we did as much as we can but we cannot force Google to speed up the verification process.

We are really sorry about that.

so how do we get the discount?

lol....one premium feature.  That's a MAJOR feature for many.

We are offering lots of premium features apart of calendar sync:

  • Repeating tasks
  • Quadrant view
  • Attachments
  • Team features
  • Goals (OKRs)
  • Vision
  • Subtasks
  • Reminders
  • SMS integration
  • Access to data download
  • Pomodoro timer

Very Disappointing that it is not working with google calendar since I would never have purchased this without that feature.  If this is an ongoing problem, you need to update your website to indicate this. Refunds should definitely be issued since this information was not communicated to users before they purchase.  I would like to understand how long I will be waiting for this feature (based on your other users experience).  If it is more than a couple of days I would expect a refund since I was not provided the features promised on your website.

We are really sorry on that and we are chasing Google to speed the things up. 

We will get back to you once we have any update

Hi everyone,

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience but when a tiny company like ours deals with Google, we have zero leverage. There is no way to contact their customer support. We are left with the generic message "4-6 weeks".

The reason why this is happening is because we need access to a sensitive portion of your data (the calendar) and recently Google has changed their policy and is requiring us to explicitly request more "bandwidth" which we have done. 

My best guess is that we got caught in the Christmas holidays and that this verification will take more 6 weeks than 4 weeks.