How can the journal be printed out? Where is the Print button?

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How can the journal be printed out? Where is the Print button?
Sounds like something I could do fairly quickly. 
Why do you want to print the journal? (it will help me design the journal)
Personally, I use an ARC M Junior sketch/note book. Everything goes in there (eventually). It would be very cool to be able to print weekplan, Junior sized sheets, to be punched and placed in my journal. This option would also be attractive for many Levenger produce users. 
Would you have a link to this product so that I can have a look. I couldn't find it by googling the name you gave me.

The Levenger Circa was the original (Staples ARC is similar in style and construction... but cheaper):

Cool thank you, I will see if I can do something.

In the meantime, you can simply use the Print function of your internet browser to print the Journal.
This feature is not crucial (for me anyway). Being able to use my app when I'm away from computer is i.e. mobile solution. I'm keeping an eye on you (weekplan) & Opus Domini - http://www.piso13.com/Piso13/Opus_Domini_for_mac.html

I prefer your look and workflow, but Opus has a dedicated Mac app & iPhone/iPad apps.
Wow, Opus Domini looks nice! 

WeekPlan.net has a mobile friendly version but it is very minimal at the moment, you can access it by going to http://weekplan.net using your Android or iPhone.
<<Wow, Opus Domini looks nice! >>

I don't think so, but design is subjective, so... Opus is buggy, and their updates seem slow. I think you have a better product, but as previously mentioned, folks will want the ability to use weekplan without a connection... and that requires an app.
Actually, I can make WeekPlan work without connection without needing to create an app. Gmail works offline for example. But I think there are some benefits in releasing an iphone and Mac app, I just need to prioritize things correctly.

At the moment, my focus is to release a version that users can pay for so that it can support the future development.
Here's one (of many) posts on FC of users that would gladly pay for an app:

FCs incompetence is your gain!
how about the pocketmod? loved that
Really? When I removed it nobody said anything so I thought nobody used it...
Just a quick update on this: I have made the Journal more print-friendly. Simply use the Print function of your internet browser and it will print your Journal nicely.
I know :), I should of said something I tried adjusting stuff around, but just proved how useful it was!

Alternatively, you can download your work space in csv format for printing.  Here's how: http://support.weekplan.net/forums/4-knowledge-base/topics/1851-how-to-download-my-data/