Week arrow buttons no longer work

Colin Wilkinson il y a 6 ans mis à jour par Aymeric (Founder) il y a 6 ans 7
When loading, if I click the left arrow to go back a week it instead moves me back in time two weeks. If I then click forward a week it brings me to last week, but then will not move forward any longer.

For instance, it's now week 11. Clicking the left arrow takes me to week 9. Clicking the right arrow takes me to week 10, afterwards I can no longer navigate weeks.

At this point I need to close the tab and open a new one, navigating to Weekplan, in order to return to the current week (reloading the current tab has no effect).

Coincidentally, this was found when trying to add items to my list without having them disappear or reorder themselves from the order I had initially chosen. It seems/seemed that jumping back a week, and then returning to the current week, "refreshes" the current week's list so that my changes are properly displayed.
Colin, the issues you have encountered should be fixed. If you still experience them, could you please try to reload weekplan using CTRL+F5 several times to ensure your browser tries to get the latest files?

This is working for me now (and has been since you had posted this comment). Thanks, and sorry for the delay!  :)
Hi Aymeric, since yesterday I can't to the week 14
Thank you
À l'étude
Problem should be fixed now, is that correct?
It doesn't work to me.
I am not worry about it since it's a past week already!