Cannot log into Weekplan website or mobile app

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I tried logging in using Chrome browser, Safari browser and Android app.  None of them work.  A red message banner appears under the blue login button after about 15-20 seconds and says "An error has occurred".  Please fix ASAP!!

Web app

me neither!!! Nor the PC nor the iphone app!! WTF??

It would be nice if someone at Weekplan could reply to this bug report OR send out an email blast to notify all users of the situation and include an estimated time when it will get fixed.

À l'étude

Hi, we are checking that issue - we will get back to you shortly.

It's fixed.  I can log into the website and Android app now.  Thank you!!  


We have fixed the issue but it looks like we were under DDoS attack - we will try to identify the attacker and improve our firewall rules.

i still can't log in. but the login has been pretty terrible for several weeks.

i have to restart the app or refresh it. it hardly ever goes straight through. 

Same here. I can´t login

Hi, today we are experiencing next attack from several minutes - we are trying to fix it as soon as possible.

I am sorry that this is happening. Will stand by.

I hope this gets fixed soon

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on the resolution and it will fix soon. 

We appreciate your patience.


any chances that WP will wake up today?


It's back now. Thank you for your patience.

thank you for fixing.

everything work the same except one thing - after fixing the issue new tasks are hard to save. the are blurred and it takes 1-2 page refreshes to save it for good.

any ideas of such behavior?

We are sorry for problems which we where expieriencing last two days. We have released some fixes which should improve stability and reliability.

Kind regards