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Ok - I'm getting a different view from yesterday - more wasted white space on either side of the planner view which means I can't see the whole week without scrolling.  The previous days do collapse but it means now I have to click on them to open them up and scroll to get a view of the week regardless if the days have past or in the future.  I also am getting an "All" team view it seems of my events instead of being able to filter on the team and the calendar events tied to that team .... I've wasted an hour at least in trying to figure out what has changed .... is there a change log posted somewhere ...?????

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Under review

Please have a look at this blog post: https://weekplan.net/better-search-and-navigation

You can filter the schedule by teams.

Regarding being able to see the 7 lists in one screen: on my screen I can see 5 lists. I feel the weekend days are ok to be out of the picture by default but you may have a different situation than mine 

Thanks for reply - the blog post is useful.  I understand the benefit of more filtering capability but you do lose some of the CX experience in burying the ability to toggle between teams quickly - something that is used a lot I would imagine.  As for the 7 day view - for me that was a key differentiator feature.  I don't understand the need for the added whitespace on the sides of the planner? Why the tradeoff?  Thanks 

Hi there,

1. Regarding navigating: you can bookmark the teams that you want to see in the left nav using the "Show all" menu. We will add the ability to bookmark the "Schedule" team page shortly.

2. The whitespace is a bug, we will remove it. 

Just confirming that the fixes are ready, they will appear in our next deployment (maybe today)


Hi there,

Yesterday we released a new version with better UI experience. Our blog post for new release might got delayed. We are sorry for that. Here is the link of the blog https://weekplan.net/better-search-and-navigation

We hope the new UI changes will improve the user-experience but the feedback are always welcome, you already given some :) thank you! we appreciate it.  We are collecting more feedbacks on the new changes and will surely improve it based on user's voting. 

If you experience any issue, please feel free to reach out. 

Thank you!

Hi Geeta - how do you move a task between teams now?  It's not obvious to me that you can?   


How were you doing that before?

I don't see it now - but you were able to edit the team/role in the task definition

Hi, I don't believe it was possible to move to another team before because it is hard for us to implement technically. You can still set the role though.

hmmmm I haven't had to do it for awhile but with the new UI, i got confused as to where I was and created a couple of tasks that were in the wrong team.  If I manage multiple teams and wanted to move tasks between teams, then there is no way to do that except to re-enter and delete the old one?  



Yesterday you released a new version of weekplanner. Please give us back the old one.

I dont have hope the new UI changes will improve the user-experience and my feedback is not positive for that new Weekplanner APP. If you appreciate my feedback and if you want me to stay with you and that app please hurry up and put old version back imiditly.


Could you tell us more in details what you dislike about this new version so that we can improve it?

Too much clicks on the mouse for 1 check of something.

Too much things on 1 colums. (filter sign, ahhhh.....)

We was asearching for 1 year the best app on net and finnaly we find that WEEK PLANNER and now you changing things without reason. Just leave the things when they do own purpouse. 

And now i writting and i dont thing anything will change so we will probably cheching the other apps or we will go on excel

and have things so no one will change anything.

Will this mesage tell you that we are so sad for change all things. We need pending colum too on the right side of SUNDAy and you ignore all our wishes from other users too.

Thanks for giving me back my old WEEK PLAN or  we are out from here.


Actually things may change based on your feedback. I am always keen to receive feedback.

Let's dive a bit more on your two comments: 


Too much clicks on the mouse for 1 check of something.

Too much things on 1 colums. (filter sign, ahhhh.....)


1. Which things are harder to do in the new version?

2. What additional things are we showing in each column? (when you talk about "filter sign", are you talking about the "9 filtered" label?)


The side navigation to boards is gone?  Looks like i have to navigate to a team or show all and then look for boards associated with the team?  Is that intended behaviour?


Hi, you can now customize the left nav however you want. In the "Show all", press the Star next to a link to put it in the left nav.

Hi, you can create to board by entering show all and then clicking star.