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I am new to this and playing around to learn things. In the "edit task" screen I clicked a button to remove the task from my high impact list. I was puzzled because I couldn't find a way to put it back on the high impact list within the edit screen. Eventually I figured out how. I had to save and close the task, then click on the task again in a schedule or board view and select "move to high impact tasks"

This is unintuitive at best. If I accidentally edit the task on the HIT screen it disappears and I have to go track it down on the schedule...assuming I remember exactly what it was called. There should be a checkbox right on the edit task screen to make it high impact or not. This is made more difficult by the fact that HIT and normal tasks are not visually distinguished on the list and schedule views. I have to click all the tasks to see if they're HIT or not. 

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Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. 

HIT & Normal tasks are distinguished in the planner with a blue flag. Here is a screenshot of a HIT task in the planner: 


And in the edit sidebar, you can see a task if is associated with a HIT as shown here: 

Let me know your views.

Thank you!