Calendar events showing at wrong time in Calendar (though time is correct in the event.)

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Event is showing off by 1 hour. 

The event is a recurring event created by Google Calendar and imported into Weekplan. 

The timezones for both weekplan and google calendar are "GMT-4:00 America/Toronto"

Browser is the latest Chrome on mac (Version 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)) 

My guess (and this is a wild guess) is that the initial event was created before daylight savings time, and that's causing the issue. The recurring event in google calendar was created a long time ago when we were at GMT-5:00 (EST) and is now being displayed in GMT-4:00 (EDT). The time is 6pm for both, but off by one hour because of the switch to daylight savings. 

The screenshot below shows the issue (red arrows bottom left):

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Hi there,

I can't replicate this issue. May I ask to check once if it okay after refresh? I see the task- dinner is scheduled at 6 pm? 

Awaiting for your reply.

Thank you!

jason murray@compasscorp com a

I have the same issue. I am in Sydney Australia. Have had to turn off calendar sync.

Aymeric Founder

Thanks for raising this issue. 

I can see the events have the right time "6pm" but they are shown in the wrong time slot visually.

We have difficulty reproducing this issue.

Thanks for the tip about the daylight savings. It seems the product recognize the time as 6pm so it should show it at 6pm. 

Another potential reason would be that based on your timezone, 6pm represents 23:00:00 UTC which means this task sits at the edge of the day. Maybe there is an issue with that?

We will investigate.

Can you confirm it only happens in the calendar view?