Scrolling in mobile app "Schedule' View is inconsistent.

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To reproduce:

  1. Open iPhone mobile app
  2. Load "Schedule" tab in "Planner" mode,"By Week" view (should have many items to make content go off screen.)
  3. Try swiping up to scroll down the page (swipe needs to be on the center block.

Expected Behaviour

  • Page scrolls up

What Happens:

  • First item touched is highlighted in blue and scrolling fails.
  • App feels "broken" because scrolling is such a fundamental behaviour
  • Touching to the right or left of the list (in the grey background) allows scrolling to work (but this is an unsatisfactory experience)

Possible Solutions

  • Require touch-and-hold before dragging items in mobile interfaces. 
    1. Tap - selects
    2. Drag - scrolls
    3. Touch and hold. for 0.5s - enters "drag mode" held item attaches to finger and gets moved
  • Have an "Edit mode" toggle
    • Regular mode:
      • Taps open task details.
      • Checkbox complete tasks
      • Swipes scroll the view
    • Edit mode
      • Checkboxes replaced with 'handles' for dragging.
      • swiping outside of handles scrolls 
      • swiping with touch starting on handle drags/drops
  • Just have drag-dop handles on every item in list:
    • Touch shows details
    • Swiping scrolls
    • Swipe originating on handle drags/drops.

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  • Under review

We believe this issue is solved. You need to long hold on a task to start dragging it.

Dragging has been disabled on repeating tasks for now.