SMS Integration not working; Reminders not working

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I followed the instructions in this link but there was just no response after sending out the text. I checked the number I sent to twice too.

My purpose is to get reminders working. Since you guys refuse to help me change my email (you can check my long outstanding ticket), I tried to set an email reminder for an event soon -- does not work. I checked that email that is on file and nothing, even though it was supposed to have been 1 hour before 1920 hours (which was about 9 minutes ago).

Can anyone help me to get this feature working that I've never beena able to use? Also, we need more ability to choose WHEN the reminder is fired, and the ability to get a reminder for a task that does not have a time (or am I missing something? Cuz I assume that "1 day before" requires a time otherwise it wouldn't know when to fire)

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Jackson Foo


Aymeric Founder
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Thanks for your patience, we are going to look into this.