Durations added with shortcut ~ syntax do not work from quick entry box

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Adding a task such as: Buy Milk ~15m

When added via the quick entry box of 'roles' or under a given day result in the task being added as "Buy Milk" with a duration icon of 15min and it appears to work...however, if you refresh your screen it loses the duration icon and the text chances back to Buy Milk.

If you then edit the task using the pencil icon. Then add the duration ~15min on the end it works as expected.

It seem the shortcut entry boxes are not behaving.

same in safari and chrome.


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Aymeric Founder
  • Fixed

This has been fixed thanks!


Steps to reproduce :

1. Open URL https://app.weekplan.net/ (Firefox)

2. Open with valid credentials.

3. Click on edit task.

4. Enter duration manually to the field.

5. Refresh the window.

6. Home page will open.

7. Again click on same task to edit.

8. Check whether the duration has been saved or not.