Where has the pending list gone?

Bronwen Lee hace 5 años actualizado por Grace hace 5 años 7
Hi there, when the new layout came out the Pending list was visible with the Parking Lot lists. Today it seems to have disappeared, however it is still viewable in the app. Has the Pending List been retired with the new website layout or has it moved somewhere else?
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It is now on the right hand side of the week. I am not retiring Pending, I am trying to put it where people find it the most useful :)
I can't see it yet (I've tried refreshing and making my browser window wider than my screen) but that sounds like a good idea!
I am surprised that you don't see it. Can you try using the big right arrow instead of the double arrow?

Can you confirm it is what you are trying to do? If it fails, can you send me your email address (in private) so that I can check your account.


Aha, that works. I didn't realise you had to kind of pop it out. Cool, thanks!
You can set the weekly planner to show 8 columns instead of 7 so that you always will see the Pending list.

The page for it is https://app.weekplan.net/#view=AccountSettings