Stuck on day (Quadrant) view for last Thursday

Tiffany Sands 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 12


All day I have only been able to see my quadrant view from last Thursday. I've logged in and out and restarted my browser as well.

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Sorry! Forgot to include: http://whatsmybrowser.org/b/MC53ANB

Also just realized that this is for this Thursday not last like I had assumed.

Not a bug

Just click on "Week view" link in the top right

I've tried. It's not clickable.


Ooops, we will need to solve this design quirk.

In the meantime, you can edit the url in your address bar to replace "zoom: 1" (could be any number) with "zoom: null". It will get you out of the current situation.



I don't have anything like that in my URL. I've tried adding it in and a few other variations. I also went into my account settings and clicked back on the Planner view to see if that made a difference but the only URL I have is the main domain.

Steps to reproduce :

1. Open URL https://app.weekplan.net/ (Firefox)

2. Open with valid credentials.

3. Mouse over to any day and click on "Quadrant view" option.

4. Check whether user is able to go back to the week view or not.

I am having this same issue

I had this same issue - was able to resolve by clearing browser cache at the time. I just checked out the function this morning and the Week View link seems to be fixed and gets you back to that view from the Quadrant view.

I've cleared my cache and am still having issues.

The week view link is working now! Thanks!

OK, In week view I cannot click on a task to mark it complete or edit it. I went into Quadrant view for today and am unable to do that as well.


You should be able to click on the link "Week view" now.