Roll over uncompleted tasks: Option for business related task to exclude the weekend and to go straight to Monday?

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Is it possible to mark business related task to exclude the weekend for roll over of uncompleted tasks straight to the next working week, Monday? 

This could be defined in the roles section. 

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Hi, thanks for your idea - we will add it to our list.


Kind reminder after 2 years. Are there any news? 

I work as a consultant for several clients. Each of the clients is defined in the roles.  am not working on Thursdays for any of these clients but doing other private tasks and projects.
How can I arrange that the tasks for these clients are rolled over from Wednesday to Friday (and skipping Thursday, excluding Saturday/Sunday)?
I saw on usemotion that different "schedules" can be defined by the user. 

For example "work hours" (from 7am to 7pm) or evening (from 7pm to 9pm), night (9pm to 7am) weekend (Saturday, Sunday). Or a schedule for different clients (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Each task can then be assigned to one of those predefined schedules.