Copy a task to future date

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I have an important task that occurs every fourth Friday (as an example). Please add ability to repeat a task or (much easier) to just duplicate a task then I could modify it. This way a user does not have to cut/paste the title and notes.
Franklin-Covey app used to have a type of repeating task that when you marked it complete, it would pop-up and you'd fill in the next due date and save it - thus, "idiot-proofing" the repeat so you don't forget to move it forward.
After adding a future task - it would be nice to jump directly back to "Today".
Great APP - keep up the super work!


You can copy a task by doing holding CTRL when you drag a task!
I am planning to add recurring tasks soon. It won't work exactly the way you are describing it (Notes are not copied, and you are not prompted for the next date). This is why I have renamed your suggestion to "Copy a task to future date" so that people can vote on it.

There is a "Today" button when you pass your mouse under the big blue left arrow in your weekplan.
You can copy a task by doing holding CTRL when you drag a task!

Is it still possible to copy and paste tasks? I would like to be able to rename a task. That pops up often but is slightly different everytime.

Hi there!

Thank you for the inquiry.

Copying of the task by holding CTRL while dragging it is not available with the new version.

Thank you for the reply! Is there anyway to copy tasks?


You may highlight the texts from the tasks then use the copy and paste function of your pc.

Also, you can use the repeat function:


Please let us know if you need further assistance with the app. :)