Lost my data after creating workspace

Milind Ghyar 8 лет назад обновлен Analise Sammut 6 лет назад 7
Hello, I'm unable to see anything after creating a new workspace. I cannot see original workspace or see any option to change workspace. Please advice. 
Hi Milind, could you send me the email address you use to log into WeekPlan so that I can have a look? (send me a private message)

Something similar has happened to me. I changed workspaces to check the second one (which I wanted to delete anyway), and the first one has now completely disappeared. I cannot see it or access it any way. Please help, this app really helps with keeping me on track and motivated to my goals.
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Can you send me your weekplan email address at support@weekplan.net? I will look into this. I am very confident your workspace is not lost.
I sent my email. Do you also need my login data too?

Your second workspace was marked as deleted. I think what happened is that maybe you had multiple tabs with weekplan open in them and when you tried to delete one workspace, it marked the other one as deleted.

Anyway, you should see both workspaces now...
Thank you so much! Truly grateful to have it back and get back on track. Well done!

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