Response to Feedback Request

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Ah ah it happens to the best of us!

I am curious: 

What do you like about weekplan?

What do you dislike about weekplan?

I like that it allows me to schedule my week in an easy at-a-glance fashion.  I also like the ability to keep alternative lists and move items back and forth between the lists as necessary.  Having it on my android phone is also a plus.

Some the minor annoyances include the lack of integration between the left hand column and the week-view.  If I enter something as @Researcher in the week view, it does not pop up on the left column under the @Researcher role.  Similarly, it would be good if the two areas were to sync when I cross them off as finished.  This does not automatically happen.  I have to do it manually.  

Also, within the week-view, it would be nice to designate importance/urgency after creating the task but without having to click the button to edit the details.  Sometimes, as I enter the tasks into the week view, I forget to assign urgency/importance so I have to edit, click important, and then save.

To help make the urgent vs. non-urgent categories more useful, it might help to include deadlines within the task itself and then WP can automatically adjust their urgency based on the deadline.  Often, I'll put something on the list and it's not immediately urgent but later becomes so.

Thanks again for your work on this.