Previous or next week showing

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Trying to use my weekplan after a two week holiday and of course very eager to organize my work for next week. When I try to go to previous or next week I just get a blank page. Also why you are asking me to unlock all features if I've already paid for a year membership ??? Hope the issue can be solved asap !!!!

Once again. I REALLY like this product but there are ALWAYS glitches, come on try to get it together !!!
Hi, I have experienced the same thing here. I have tried to navigate to other dates but it wont let me. This seems to happen both for the app and the browser version as well.

Please fix it.

Same Issue here.
On the free trial still. This is not making me inclined to pay.

Also, I noticed all of my Zaps from Asana are reporting errors.
Do you know what error you are getting? Often the errors are because Zapier is sending the name of the workspace instead of the id of the workspace. What error message are you getting?
Any idea on how long to fix the problem ??????? Still not able to plan my work for next week.
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Yes sorry, the last update had an issue. It should be fixed now.