Very frustrating when syncing (and not doing properly) with google calender

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I've just signed up for this as I'm looking for a way to manage my schedule week to week... I wanted a drag n drop sort of thing so I think the concept is great... BUT, I've wasted over an hour editing appointments that were already in my google calendar that YOUR software edited or removed... AND when I created a new appointment in week plan, it went into my google calendar with the wrong time or a different time...

Basically created a big MESS for me that I now have to manually go check that all my scheduled stuff hasn't been deleted or changed :(

Might be user error... but seems to me it's not as quick maybe or I don't know why... I also noticed that some appointments in my google calendar were not appearing in my week plan.

Overall, the time and effort involved at this point in setting it up AND the buggy problems with it, means I probably won't use it. I'm trying to simplify my life, not complicate it!!