The Calendar PUSH & PULL - Bug

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Windows app

So these two events created in google calender, use two different calenders. These two calenders in weekplan I've assigned as (1) Enabled push and pull (the green event) & (2) Enabled pull (red events).

Anyway, deleting the 'push and pull' event, automatically deletes the event in google calender.

Deleting the 'pull' event should do nothing to the event in google. which it does, by leaving the event.

BUT the event is recreated again, but this time instead of having the (pull calender - denoted by the red calender event) it somehows transforms into a green calender event (which is the push & pull calender event).

anyway somethings wrong here.


Oh i just noticed tht this problem only occurs when the 'Push edited tasks from other calendars' tick box is left unticked. When it is ticked it works perfectly fine.

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