Goals Keep Disappearing 2 (Different)

Sherry Murphy 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 19
This is very frustrating: I list a goal for the week, then after refreshing or logging out then logging back in the next day, the goals have disappeared. If I try to add the same goal again, then the original will sometimes reappear. If I then delete the second copy, the original disappears again. So either I end up with duplicate entries or none for some; and none at all on others.

For example, I created a new role ("Study") and listed five goals for the week. Two goals disappeared completely (no, scrolling doesn't locate them again) and three remained after I refreshed the page. I had two goals listed under "Work," but both disappeared after the refresh and can't be found. (This happens daily.) The goals I listed under another created role ("Volunteer") also disappeared entirely.

I have been unsuccessful in finding a common attribute that would explain the disappearances. (This has also happened with some Daily Tasks when I list more than five.)
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other people have reported the same issue but I am not able to reproduce it. Have you found a way to reproduce it consistently? Could you describe the steps?
Hi Aymeric!

After we chatted today and I started my pro subscription, things went great for me until around 4 hours later when my entire week of tasks in Plan & Do was missing.
I know its not deleted because I have SMS set up to send me my tasks and control them from there, so the tasks still exist somewhere. This is the first time it has happened to me. I will update tomorrow if possible if they show up again and try to detail the steps I took 

Hi there,

What do you mean by "I have SMS set up"? Are you receiving the weekplan tasks using the SMS feature of Weekplan and the tasks appear there but not in your web WeekPlan?
Sorry for the delay! Yes, when I text "Today" to the SMS feature, all of my tasks show up. At the moment, app.weekplan.net isnt loading up for me :( When I enter the website, I only see the loading page. Tried it on my desktop, phone and tablet browser. 

Hi Jazzofet,

I am wondering if your internet browser has a caching issue. I pushed a new version of weekplan in the weekend, and I am guessing the version is so different to what your internet browser has locally that it completely fails to load (instead of just having issues with goals).

Could you try to clear your internet browser cache (CTRL SHIFT DELETE in Chrome, then check "Files" and "Hosted app data")?

Also, could you send me your weekplan email address so that I can check your account?

I cleared the Cached images and files and Hosted app data from the "beginning of time" on chrome and I still see the loading page. My e-mail is *****@gmail.com. Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you so much for all of your help so far! 
One more try: could you go to chrome://settings/cookies in your address bar, and type app.weekplan.net in the textbox on the top right of the dialog box.

And then click on the cross next to the search result.

Your account seems to be working fine otherwise.

If it still doesn't work. Could you please press F12 (to show the developer console) and then go to the Console tab.

Please report any error you can see in there...

YES!!! The website works 100% now! Thank you so much for your time and help Aymeric!! 
Hi Aymeric--my goals are still disppearing from the roles leftside bar when I drag them to a specific day...
This is continuing to happen on my newly created account
yes its happening to me too... all goals disappears almost right after setting them (after a page refresh of course)... scrolling back into previous weeks also has all the previous goals disappeared... and sometimes when i open the page, even the roles are gone (but thankfully this always reappears by going back one week and forward to current week again)
Hi there, do you remember the exact text of some of the goals that have disappeared? I will look for them...
Hello, yes I lost my goals today also.  I have tried several things and on different computers and different browsers.  Hopefully this is a bug and my goals are still there.
Hi there, do you remember the exact text of some of the goals that have disappeared? I will look for them...
Hello,  I'm not totally sure but some were: Danja Mowf | Maples Media Group | Dad | Home
I can see them but they are marked as deleted. Do you have any idea how they could have been deleted? Someone reported that it is easy to delete a role rather than a task on mobile. Are you using WeekPlan on mobile? 

(I have undeleted all your roles)
They were roles. Everything on the left disappeared.