Custom timer based on task estimated time

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The Focus timer icon in the task context menu only starts one timer at a time and the duration is always the 25-minute pomodoro time. It would be a nice alternative option if you could click on the timer icon and it would start a timer that was preset to the Estimated Time of the task.

When you stopped the custom timer it could set your Actual task time for you. If you go past the Estimated time it would sound the alarm and then continue counting and therefore still set your Actual time when you eventually stopped it. In fact a 1-minute warning sound might be nice to prompt you to wrap things up for that specific task.

I think this may still work with the Pomodoro timer too. What if you moved the pomodoro timer icon to the top right-hand menu (next to the search icon)? Since there can only be one of these pomodoros running at a time it might make sense to separate it from the task context menu anyway. Then you could still complete multiple 5, 10 or 15-minute tasks while your 25-minute pomodoro timer was running.
Aymeric Founder
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Hi Rich, I like this idea of setting the timer's length based on estimated time.

I might introduce two timer modes: pomodoro and time tracking. Each would come with its own set of settings.
Boo L.

I would like a custom timer or stopwatch as well.  It would be great to see how long something is taking, rather than counting down from 25 minutes. 

Also, would be great if you could select the option for the timer to never make a sound. I will turn off the sound, but then when I start a new timer, the sound automatically turns on again. 

Thank you!