Support for Nextcloud Calendar / CalDAV?

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I'm very concerned about privacy, that's why I'm using Nextcloud for hosting my calendar, which is based on SabreDAVs implementation of CalDAV.

I have started a trial at Week Plan and found integrations for Google and Outlook only.

I do understand, that many entrepreneurs and businesses are using these two, but is there any chance to integrate Week Plan with CalDAV-based calendars too?

This year I'm seeing more entrepreneurs switching from Google-Calendar to CalDAV-based solutions, since Google has announced that in June they will be cancelling all existing legacy-accounts who still use the gSuite for free (previous gApps users).

I think it will be good to support CalDAV protocol as an alternative. At least for me, this integration is critical. I would buy multiple codes as an investment, if I can be sure that you will support CalDAV.

Can you please provide feedback, if Week Plan will support this in the future?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

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Thank you for sharing your ideas. We will discuss it with team and get back to you. 

Thanks again. 


Oh, CalDAV-Support would be fantastic! I use (from Germany) for all my online-calendars and it's based on CalDAV too :D