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I have already posted about this once but would like to add to my older post in a new problem. In the past my Journal application had been losing entries. But this morning I created an entry and went to save it and it disappeared. I utilize your services (paid) to make my life more efficient. Typing a 10 or 15 minute entry to watch it disappear is not my idea of efficient. This is now in the multiple times bracket and I am starting to feel I may have made a mistake in jumping into your services so quickly. Moving to a another service would be a pain and I am sure a refund would take even more of my time. Neither of the above choices are what I want. What I want is for it to work. But I am becoming skeptical as to whether a solution is to be found at this point.

Ana Loraine
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Hi, Kenny!

Thank you for reaching out. 

Please be advised that our dev team sent you a message on the other thread and we are waiting for your response.