cannot log in for an hour

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I am trying to log in into my account for 1 hour without any success - on desktop and on mobile, using and

any ideas what is wrong?


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Support Team
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Yes - we have tempory problem and we are working on fix that.

Antoni Ruszkowski

thanks for an answer. hope you will fix it soon.

I also noticed that during last 1-2 weeks I had many simillar issues, but they lasted maximum for 5-10 minutes.



I have the same problem. This has occurred several times in the past few weeks, same as Antoni. This is not acceptable service. Unless you can fix your problems I'll be forced to seek other service that is reliable. So far you have delayed the start of my day by one-half hour—hardly a testimonial for an "effective person." 

Please take appropriate steps to make your service reliable. It's very important for me and I assume for lots of other people.


Support Team

We are really sorry about that - we have migrated to new platform and since that we have that problems.

Currently, WP should be working.

Antoni Ruszkowski

I might ask why you have migrated to new platform since it looks unreliable? 

do you have some plans to make WP stable again?


Antoni Ruszkowski

and the problem still occurs...

I was able to log in for a while, but then I was logged out and now everything is the same.


Hi there - I am too having issues with logging in. Can you please let us know when the issue has been fully cleared?


Still unable to log in. 

Support Team

We are still working on that problem - sorry for inconvenience 

Antoni Ruszkowski

now it works perfectly and fast.

thanks for fast help.

I hope that it will last ;)