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I have Week Plan syncing with my Google calendar.  For several days now the current time shown on the calendar is 30 min off.  The red line that indicates the current time, is 30 min behind the actual time. I don't even know how this is possible.  I've double checked my time zone and everything seems fine.  I've reloaded the page several times, I've accessed this on different computers, all with the same result.  I'm using Chrome and it is up to date.

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Any help with this.  I'm now PAYING for this service but still see the time indicator 30 min off the actual time.

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Could you please paste some examples with incorrect time including task name. For instance:

Google Time 13.30

Weekplan 13



Also could you please confirm the timezones of both the calendars are same? 

I'm sorry, perhaps I was not clear.  My concern is not that events are showing up at the wrong time.  My concern is that the red time indicator line is not showing the correct time.  As you can see in the screenshot I attached, the system time is 9:51am  but the time indicator line is in the middle of the 9am hour seeming to indicate that the time is 9:20-ish.  

Events show up at the correct time on the calendar.  However, when I glance at the indicator line, it may appear that I have 30 minutes until my next appointment, when in reality, I may only have a few minutes.  

This is my issue.


Thank you for providing the details. I forwarded this to the developer to look into it. We release this fix soon. 



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It should be fixed. 


Hello Weekplan team,

I am having the same problem, please see attached screenshots. The time difference is bigger in weekly planner view than in calendar view for me.



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Thank you for reporting it. I am forwarding this issue to the dev team. 

I will get back to you soon.