Push and pull on Outlook with Update

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The web app and the desktop app no longer have the push/pull option available. I used to be able to push/pull tasks from my outlook calendar into WeekPlan but now that option is not available. I am connected with my Outlook account and have the option selected to allow push/pull but it is not syncing with my calendar and I don't see an option to manually push/pull with this new update.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try to disconnect and connect the outlook again? Let me know if issue still exists for your account.


Jason R. Cummings

I have this same problem.  Push/pull/synch is not working with Outlook or Google, despite having connected both with WP.


Thank you, we are going to look into this issue. 

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It should be fixed now. 

Thank you for understanding!


Thanks for the update. The push/pull function now works with my Google calendar. However, sync with Outlook calendar is still not working. Please send any trouble-shooting advice I can try. I have already disconnected and reconnected Outlook with WP multiple times, before and after the latest fix.  I have also confirmed that my PC with Outlook software is added as a device with my MS online login account. 

Also, a question…if/when the OutlookCalendar:WeekPlan connection works for me, will it be possible (or is it the default) for WeekPlan to pull only the scheduled appointments from my Outlook Calendar? In short, I would not want WP to pull the boat load of ‘tasks’ from my Outlook, because every email that I flag for ‘follow-up today’ is automatically added to Outlook task list. I only want to sync scheduled appointments.

Looking forward to getting the Sync to work :)

Support Team

I see calendars available for your account. Please enable push/pull for your calendars to start syncing.

Support Team

Grey means that pull/push is disabled


I have had push/pull enabled.