Creating a repeating task creates a duplicate task that is not repeating

melcontreras28 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 23

I really love the idea of WeekPlan and subscribed to a Pro plan but the bugs are driving me insane and it is making it incredibly frustrating to use the app. Especially when it comes with creating, editing and deleting a repeating task. That function simple does not work well.

Now when I create a new repeating task it creates a duplicate that is not a repeating task but that appears every day of the week (like single occurrences that happen daily) in addition to the repeating task.

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I have those. I now have up to fifteen duplicates on a single day

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This should not happen anymore now. Did it happen in the last 24 hours?


Tasks not moving to next day, tasks repeating that shouldn't be repeating, duplicated tasks, can't delete repeating tasks. I'm on a pro plan too, I REALLY want this to work well. I would rather no more features added until all the bugs were fixed because it feels almost unusable right now. I have voted for as many bugs as I can but there's just too many at this point.

We just released a new version that has introduced new bugs. Although we have a tester in the team to prevent situations like this, the change was too big to prevent all bugs to slip. Sorry for the rough sailing, we are working on solving the bugs.

Unfortunately, it is generally quite hard to reproduce the issues. If you could present us with a specific list of steps for each bug you find, it will help speed up the process of fixing them.



I've noticed something particularly strange happens with those tasks that are located in the first position (start of day). When you try to move those to a different time of day, it creates a duplicate task, in the day you are editing AND in the following days.

I think if this web app worked it would be awesome. I can help report what I find and hopefully your team can remedy!

I know that you have a small team and are working hard. I'm also aware of the new version. There is no list of steps though, the issues just appeared. Being able to delete repeating tasks seems to be fixed for now, thank you! But a quick couple from above:

After the change I suddenly have these tasks recurring each week day even though they're not repeating tasks, which means I can't delete one to delete the rest. But I do also have a repeating version of these tasks that I had setup before the change for each week day. The problem is really that because they're suddenly repeating every week day for eternity it would take me forever to manually delete each one:

The other problem after the change was that non-completed tasks (that weren't repeats) weren't rolling over to the next day like they used to. Can't tell until tomorrow if this has been fixed.


Rollover should be fixed. I will check the repeating tasks not being linked to their repetition series.

It just happened to me again. I moved the first task to another time of day, that causes the page to refresh on its own and that creates a duplicate and the repeating task that I tried to move stays in the first position while I have now a duplicate in another time of day. I wish the page didn't refresh on its own. I wish I could make all changes, then click a "Refresh" or "Save changes" button.

There shouldn't be any refresh, unless you are working with repeating tasks?

Well, I have repeating and non repeating tasks. But it just happened again: If I try to move the task (which is a repeating task) that is in the first position (task positioned at start of day) to another time of day then the page refreshes itself and when it reloads the repeating task is still in the first position and then I end up with a duplicate non-repeating task (it doesn't have the little round arrow) in the lower position.

Hi Aymeric

Thank you, I'm glad it will now stop happening.  Is there a way of clearing future weeks of all the aggregated duplicates without having to go through and delete each one individually?  I've fixed this week manually and it has now stayed that way but I need a mass refresh on future weeks because, looking ahead, I can see they still have fifteen dupicates for each recurring task.  I really don't want to spend an hour clearing the dross each week before I can use the planner.


Could you please let me know your WeekPlan email address so that I can check your account? (maybe send me a private message)

How do I do that? I visited your profile and there is no button for a DM.

I use the google account.  cath.hallowes@gmail.com.

Catherine Hallowes

Giving up for now. The bug with the repeating tasks makes it too frustrating to use this app. Will continue with ToodleDo and will check in next week. It's just making me waste so much time. Good luck!

We just deployed the fixes :( It shouldn't happen anymore but we are not able to remove the duplicates unfortunately...

Actually we might be able to... looking into it right now.


Thanks. I have so many duplicates that were created and that go in to future weeks that it would just take SO much time to delete them all, specially since there is no "Select All" function of something like that to do a mass delete.

We are working on a solution, sorry for the delay.


I haven't been game to look into the future and check how many weeks have huge lists of duplicates spawned by each of my many repeating tasks. A way to mass-delete, or some kind of reset and repopulate, would be a boon...


I believe the duplicates have been fixed.