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I have two logins - one for my business and one for my personal with different email addresses. I sync them to Google Calendar and that is how I see both one my Android phone. Is there anyway, I can view both calendars at once so that I do not set conflicting appts

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. Currently we only have the option to connect one google calendar to each workspace.

Let us know if there is anything else that we may assist you with.


Hi syldallas,

I do something similar with 4 separate Google accounts. Use your personal account as your "main" account that you link up with win Week Plan. Log into your other google accounts and go to your calendar Settings>Calendars>Sharing

Under "share with specific people" add your main personal account and allow it to "Make changes AND manage sharing". Once you do this, Week Plan will import events from all the connected calendars. make you have it enabled inside of Week Plan by going to Workspace Settings>Google Calendar and selecting "pull" for each calendar you want. When using google calendars you can assign a color to each calendar to help keep events organized.

Unfortunately Week Plan won't recognize the different calendars and assign the proper role to them inside of Week Plan. If you would help by voting for this feature that would be awesome. You can view and leave a comment on that support thread here: