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Google calendar events appear only after refresh

PeeterMa 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 23

Google events appear to my weekplan calendar only after I refresh my browser window.

This is the biggest issue I think at all. I stopped using Weekplan because of it.


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My calendar events stopped refreshing over a month ago and I cannot get them to return. I have tried revoking access and restoring it, syncing it, refreshing, but nothing puts my Google calendar items on my Weekplan schedule. I have not been able to use it in a months. I would like a refund.

I also tried deleting the app from my phone, as well as trying to restore the calendar connection via my desktop, laptop, and a Chromebook. Nothing works.

Under review


We are sorry to hear about this.

Please be advised that we followed up with you regarding this concern on your other ticket but we have not received a response.

As requested, we have refunded your current subscription.

WHAT IS GOING ON.... I got Week Plan working, finally, after seeing your reply to Peter and trying again. Now my account is DELETED. Seriously, what the heck? You just delete without discussing it with me? And what other ticket are you talking about? I have no other ticket. I did not receive a refund. VERY FRUSTRATED!

You have requested to cancel your subscription. Week Plan is a paid product. Since you run out of trial days, you cannot access Week Plan unless you upgrade. Did I misunderstand what the problem is?

I never requested you cancel my subscription. I wrote that if you can't get the product to work, I want a refund. (See above.) You wrote 6 hours ago that devs fixed it. I tried again, and it worked. Six hours later, I opened it again to check my schedule for tomorrow, and I get notice that my trial has expired. I have been a paid customer for months. It didn't work for a month, but then you fixed it, and now it's GONE? FIX IT

It didn't work for a month. I wanted a refund for that month, not a cancellation of my subscription and the loss of all my lists and data!

I understand that you had paid, but we thought you were asking for a full refund. We have fully refunded you, please re-upgrade and everything will be back to normal.

It is not broken, the reason why you don't have access to Week Plan is because you haven't paid for it (since you have requested a refund). 

Do you want me to extend your trial so that you can get the data out of it maybe?

You are incorrect. I UPGRADED TO ULTIMATE FROM MY TRIAL AND PAID FOR IT ON JANUARY 1st. Here is a copy of my invoice! Please fix this.

I requested a refund for the month that didn't work, not for the entire subscription. You misunderstood. I just wanted you to get it to work again. I never requested it to be cancelled. This is ridiculous.

Yes now I see the misunderstanding. We have already fully refunded you (that's how fast you can get a refund). Please re-upgrade if you wish to continue using our service.

I understand; thank you for explaining. I checked my bank's website and the refund has not gone through yet. When it appears, I will re-upgrade because I DO want to continue using Week Plan. Would you kindly extend the trial period for a few days until the refund appears and I re-upgrade so that I can access my To-Do lists in the meantime? And please confirm that all my lists and data will still be there!

Yes I will extend the trial, and all your data will be there.

Thank you so much! Your customer service and responsiveness has been outstanding.

Trial extended. Sorry about the confusion, we tend to easily provide full refunds and we assumed that's what you were after.

Hi, Peter!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please be advised that there was an issue with the Google sync and our dev team had already fixed this issue.

Thank you. I will try again. 

Still not functioning. New items  from Google Calendar appear on the page only after the browser refresh.


Hi, Peter!

Good day.

The instant update of events in Weekplan is part of our feature list and we will be working on it soon. We will update you once we deploy this to production.

Little feedback.

This is not a feature, this is a bug. And not only a bug but a blocker bug. I tried, but using calendar is not realistic without it.