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App on iphone keeps crashing.

rodriguez.nataliej 1 year ago updated by Geeta 4 months ago 14

App on iphone keeps crashing. Please fix ASAP. I have already deleted and reinstalled the app and it still happening.

iOS app

 This should be a priority. Yep. Was happening intermittently, but now happening every time. App is unusable right now. 

What version of iphone / ios do you have?

12.1.2. I’ll update to 12.1.4 tomorrow and see if it fixes it.  

ok thanks. The app doesn't crash on my iphone 6s with the latest 12.1.4

Been happening more and more the last month. Seems to be okay the first time I’d open the app, and each successive time risks crashing. The crash would happen each time I’d attempt to open it, even after force closing it. 

Under review

A developer is working on this. I have just bumped the priority.

Thanks Aymeric! I love this system/software btw

On behalf of our founder, you are most welcome!

We'll notify you as soon as we have an update. 

Hi Nathaniel,

We are unable to replicate this issue at our end. Can you please tell which iPhone you are using?

Thanks & Regards,

Dev Team 


Hello there,

I have the same issue. It keeps crashing on my phone when I open it.

I have Iphone 8 plus with iOS 12.1.4.

I love this app! Hope this problem goes away soon!

Do you have the latest version?

We are having difficulty reproducing this issue. We are going to try on other devices.