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Sincere apologies for the delay in replying. I have forwarded it to dev to look into it on urgent basis. I will get in touch with you soon on update on this.

Your patience is highly appreciated. 

Thank you!




May we ask which browser you are using? Would you mind to open the developer tool of the browser and try to drag the task and see if you are getting any error in console?

We highly appreciate your patience.



May we ask if the issue still exists for you?

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Yes, it still exists.  Now, we cannot drag anything from one date to the next.  I use Chrome.  There definitely tasks that have disappeared.

Yes, it looks like there is an error of some sort.

Also, I used to be able to reorder tasks for the day, which I highly value.  Now, I can shift one or two, and then it will nto let me shift anymore.  I drag and drop and it goes back to its original position.

May I ask if you are trying to drag a repetitive (recurring ) task?  Drag and drop is off for recurring task due to Calendar synchronization issue with other Calendars API's. To avoid the duplicate task issue we have off it until we get some workaround however you should be able to drag the single task .   

yes, I need to drag and drop repetitive tasks. Most of my tasks are on repeat from year to year or month to month. Not being able to drag and drop them is time consuming. Having them disappear is unacceptable. 

Can you share some repetitive disappeared task? If the auto rollover incompleted tasks is set to on they moved to the current date. 

Yes, one of them was titled "fall home maintenance".  I can find the task in the fall of 2020, but the 2019 one disappeared when I moved it.


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