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I have just signed up for an Ultimate account.

I watched your video on how the product worked and it looked like what I want.

On your website, the introduction, video and your documentation you discuss many features, but only some of which I have managed to find. I'll list the features below as they are mentioned on your website ( and whether I have found them: 

- Quadrant view - can't find

- High impact tasks (HITs) - found, but the list sometimes shows these tasks and sometimes doesn't depending on the dates I had previously selected in the planner, regardless of whether the task has been scheduled or not. I don't understand the correlation in this behaviour
- Goals - can't find

- Roles - found

- Week view - found

- Pomodoro timer - can't find

- Day summary - found

- Easy scheduling - found - agreed I do like your scheduling features

- Automatic rollover of uncompleted tasks - not sure, looks like it might be there

- Repeating tasks - can't find

- Subtasks - can't find

- Attachments - can't find

- Google Calendar deep integration - found - works well!

The remaining features aren't critical at this stage.

I do note that you have some sort of rewards scheme in place where new features might be unlocked after I complete enough activity (see screenshot) If this is the case, why am I paying for features I can't use? I'm not even sure where the reward scheme is discussed or how to maximise my time on the site so I can unlock the features I want to use. Can you point me to the documentation where this is clarified?

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We have disabled gamification for your account as you are not happy with that.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for inconvenience.

Kind regards,


Support Team
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mike@davisdotcom com

Thanks Darius. Apologies - I just wasn't expecting gamification - I was expecting all the features shown and I couldn't see any easy way to get through the achievements to unlock the features I wanted.

I really appreciate the unlock and I'm loving all the functionality now available. Great system guys!