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Left Side Bar Closing Every Time I do Something

DanPageau 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 15
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It is normal behavior to spare space for your planner.

Kind regards,

Dariusz from Weekplan

It's really bugging me. I thought the idea was to schedule your tasks.

I'm spending all of my time reopening the left bar.

Oh you are talking about the sidebar, not the left navigation menu.

What is an action that triggers the closing of the sidebar?

1 I use the High Impact Task list by objectives to schedule. After I edit any task the sidebar closes. 

Then I have to click to reopen the High Impact task list and click again on objectives.

It's making hard to schedule my tasks and do work. 

2 Also, it would be helpful the High impact list had an option to open in the larger middle section to be able to drag tasks from the inbox into the High Impact task list. 

Is there a way to make a back button so it doesn't always close when a task has opened

Aymeric - can you please contact me matthewjsmed@gmail.com ? I need assistance about my latest bill.  I am friends with Dan Pageau - he is the one who referred me to your product and I cannot get in touch with you.  Please can you contact me?

Hi mattsmed,

What's your problem with your latest bill?

I was charged for 3 different licenses.  420$.  My last year payment for 1 year, I believe was $103.

I did not realize my card was still on file, and i did not use weekplan last year very much past the first month only.  I have an e-mail from Aymeric to prove this.  I would like this reduced or refunded, if possible.  Thanks :)

You are right, we charged you for two subscriptions as there was a bug in our system some time ago. Of course we will refund money for that extra subscription. Sorry for inconvenience.

Amount for duplicated subscription has been refunded. We are sorry for that. You have still active subscription so if you are not using Weekplan anymore please cancel it otherwise you would be charged again next year.

You can cancel your subscription in account settings.

I did not yet receive the refund.  Can you please contact me?  I was charged for a total of 2 extra licenses.

Please see image.

This is for the VISA ending in *7879

Please contact me if you need more information




1 (604) 255-7434 - Canada

It might take up to 7 days to process refund. Refund has been sent yesterday so please wait and contact again if you don't receive it

Ok, great.  i will let you know.  I would prefer to be on the Pro plan.  My Weekplan currently shows i am on "Ultimate" - this saves me $48.  If possible, thanks!

We refunded money for Ultimate plan. You can choose pro plan on next billing cycle.

Why does the left bar have to close every time I save a task?