Cannot add a key result to an objective

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When adding a key result to an existing objective, I get the following error and I am unable to save the objective:

"Key results are not correct"

Web app
Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about this.

May we ask for a screenshot of the details you are trying to enter? We'll be happy to look into this further. 


I'm encountered the same issue and would love to have this "add key results" function fixed so that I could use it. Wondering what the status is since Ana Loraine pointed out the issue 5 months ago

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You need to fill all the required fields. In the given screenshot, Key Results, the text input fields "Unit" ,"Start"  & "Target" value missing. they show the placeholder text. 


Even when filling in all required fields, I get this error message.
Second: When typing a new Key Result, the whole field collapses/closes. This happens in Windows Web App and in Android App.
Very annoying, because working with OKRs is crucial in this App. 

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We are sorry for the inconvenience. May we ask to share a screen recording of the issue to get the reproducible steps as we couldn't replicate this at our end. When you enter a Key Result you have to enter the Unit, Start, and Target fields too. 


Problem is: When typing into any of the four (4) fields of a new Key Result, the whole thing closes at any point. So not possible to take a screenshot. It just looks like before you hit the "add Key Result" button and just shows the objective with the existing KRs. I did this about 50 or 100 times yesterday and today. Sometimes it works and I get the Objective with a new KR saved. Mostly it doesnt. And its the same with the Windows Web App and at another location two different Android devices.
Technically: Is there any maximum number of Objectives and Key Results? (I know about the OKR-concept of max 5 / 3, I am just asking about the App mechanics).


PS may the described abortion be caused by bandwith problems? The originally posted problem (error "key results are not correct") may be different issue? I do have both of the problems over here.

Ah, maybe I understand the issue you are facing. You might be trying to add more than one key result.  You have to save the key result on clicking the save button before adding a new one 

Could you save one key result by clicking the save button as shown above and then try adding a new one? Let me know if you still face the issue.

Thank you 


Thank you, Geeta, for the fast reply!
I learned that before and always save after editing one thing. Besides even a completely filled (4 fields) new Key Result cannot be added / saved, after I did several "Enter" clicks before and so had several new & empty Key Results opened without noticing. So I think I have learned about the little tricks and bits of this chapter. But this still doesnt help with the 2 original problems. I finally can add a new Key Result, but it takes me numerous attempts. At the beginning of each year / quarterly period there are A LOT of Objectives and Key Results to be edited / added and so this problem stays crucial.